Thanks for your interest in being one of our Volunteers!

Being a part of our work at the George & Angelina Owusu Foundation is a great opportunity to help broaden your knowledge in community work in both healthcare and education, and be part of a rewarding service. You will be a part of a great team with a single commitment to effect change and inspire hope.

Simply stated, committed volunteer partners, who become valued team members and an extension of our staff, are vital to this Foundation. Because of the help of people like you, we can transform communities and the lives of people through the provision of needed healthcare and basic educational resources.

Our ideal volunteers are hardworking, friendly and enthusiastic. Volunteers contribute substantially to our work and mission and our Advisory Board works closely with volunteers to make the experience rewarding and engaging for the volunteers, members and the community which we serve.

Get involved today!


Email us at info@OwusuFoundation.org