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COVID-19 Vaccination at George and Angelina Owusu Medical Center

As of Thursday 4th March 2021, more than 600 residents received COVID-19 vaccines at the George and Angelina Owusu Medical Center (GAOMC) in Akyawkrom. This was scheduled as the first phase of a much-anticipated vaccination drive that prioritized frontline healthcare workers and people over the age of 60.  
Ghana began its COVID-19 vaccine campaign with 600,000 AstraZeneca doses on Monday 1st March 2021. The vaccination drive was made possible through the global COVAX vaccine-sharing initiative aimed at providing vaccines to developing nations and ensuring equitable access to help compact the COVID-19 pandemic. The initiative made Ghana the first country in the world to receive vaccines through the COVAX facility.  
The George and Angelina Owusu Medical Center (GAOMC) in Akyawkrom, Ashanti Region, was selected as a central vaccination center in the Ejisu Municipality as part of the Ghana Ministry of Health’s vaccination distribution drive.  

The Medical Center has been in operation since January 2017, with the construction of the facility and its infrastructure entirely funded by Mr. George Owusu and Mrs. Angelina Owusu. Through a strategic partnership with the Sanford World Clinics, the medical facility has been providing quality healthcare for the residents of Akyawkrom and its environs.  
As part of a broader medical outreach in the country,
the George and Angelina Foundation, and Sanford World Clinic will keep supporting the Ghana COVID-19 vaccination program at GAOMC for the most vulnerable and at-risk population in Akyawkrom and the Ejisu Municipality of the Ashanti Region.


Offshore Africa - Entrepreneur Spotlight

What I hoped to tangibly contribute is to help bridge the gap between theory and practice. Our universities produce graduates every day, most with limited exposure to the actual machines and facilities in the industry. It is impossible for them to contribute without transforming their “book knowledge” into real-world experience.

So in many cases, we work with our joint venture partners which have the experience and technical know-how to train our professionals and technical personal. It takes a lot of financial sacrifices and patience, but I strongly believe that there is no greater investment than one that transforms a mind.
My focus is on investment in training and developing the knowledge base here in Ghana. If we can equip our people and give them the incentive to invest in their own future, I believe our country will be much better for it, not only for today, but decades to come.


Owusu Foundation agrees to Learning Partnership with KNUST - College of Health Sciences

As part of its mission to contribute to the development of a healthier, more engaged, and better-informed population, the George and Angelina Owusus Foundation has agreed to work with the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (College of Health Sciences) to create opportunities in clinical services, training, and research at the Akyawkrom Medical Campus in Ejisu Municipality, Ashanti Region. 

The opportunity will be to continue the training of medical professionals in a host of research and practice areas including Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Allied Health Sciences, and Collaborative Research into Tropical Medicine.


Leadership insights and dialogue with Emerging Public Leaders in Ghana

In October, Mr. George Owusu shared his insights on leadership and international business to an Emerging Public Leaders' cohort in Accra, Ghana. The EPL is a nonprofit organization preparing the next generation of competent public-sector leaders in Africa to drive growth and ensure inclusive governance in government.
Mr. Owusu is an environmental scientist, businessman, and philanthropist who has worked in Ghana's energy industry for over 20 years. Mr. Owusu was instrumental in the discovery of oil in Ghana's Jubilee Field.
Mr. Owusu provided leadership lessons on ethics and integrity, drawing from his experience working in Ghana's oil industry. His inspirational words encouraged EPL fellows to make transformational changes in their own roles.


Owusu Foundation Donates $40,000 USD to Swedru Secondary School

George Owusu honored the invitation from Swedru Secondary School (SWESCO) in the school’s 60th Anniversary celebration. The event was organized under the theme “Ensuring Quality Secondary Education through Free SHS: Our Collective Responsibility”. 
Mr. Owusu attended the event as the Chairman of the occasion, together current Minister for Tertiary Education, Professor Kwesi Yankah and Guest Speaker and fellow alumni Samuel Atta Mensah who currently serves as CEO for Accra-based Citi FM/TV media network. As part of his contribution to the institution, Mr. Owusu, through the George & Angelina Owusu Foundation pledged a 40,000 US Dollars for the construction of a new science laboratory. 

In his remarks to the students and the distinguished leaders in attendance, Mr. Owusu reiterated the value of education and the lifelong opportunity it creates. However, he stressed the need for practical application to every learning opportunity rather than knowledge-in-theory, to better equip students to contribute to their community and country.  


Foundation Team conducts site evaluation at Akyawkrom Clinic

George Owusu, together with the Executive Director of the George & Angelina Owusu Foundation (Ms. Edna Osei) and Foundation team conducted a facility review of the Medical Campus in Akyawkrom. This was part of a periodic inspection and assessment protocol instituted by the Foundation in its efforts to improve access to the most effective treatment and to meet the basic healthcare needs of as many children and adults as possible. 
The facility is managed and operated by Sanford Health, a Sioux Falls, South Dakota organization whose global network of care includes 44 hospitals, 1,400 physicians and more than 200 Good Samaritan Society senior care locations in 26 states and nine countries.

As part of the George & Angelina Owusu Foundation’s core vision, the partnership with Sanford seeks to bring quality care to the region with a goal of expanding the healthcare footprint to other parts of the country.


George Owusu visits Ashesi University

Mr. George Owusu spoke to students and staff at the universitys  Norton Motulsky Hall. It was an opportunity to share some of the lessons learned in business, pulling from his own professional experiences and his story in Ghanas oil discovery.

He added:- I left my family and a pretty comfortable life in the United States to chase a dream in Ghana, a dream that had eluded many companies, shared Mr. Owusu, who in the 1970s, had relocated from Ghana to the United States. Essentially I had a 0% chance at success, but it was a risk someone had to take.
One of the things you need to learn early on in your lives is the need to take calculated risks. You will fail multiple times, but you should still persist. In seeking the right company to work with, I could have given up after numerous companies refused to explore Ghana. But through persisting, working out of my car and internet cafes, Ghana has oil today.

George has been honored to participate in similar sessions with students at the University of Ghana and the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology, in Kumasi.

Source: Ashesi University


Foundation Team visits Korle Bu Teaching Hospital

The Owusu Foundation team is continuing its work in healthcare in one of the leading health care facilities in Ghana, the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital.
The effort is focused on understanding the immediate needs where any individual or organization can provide some support to augment the work of the government and the hospital leadership. While the hospital seeks to make significant improvements and upgrades to its facilities, there still remains a huge room for improvement.

As part of its work in healthcare, George & Angelina Owusu Foundation will use the findings to help communicate the need to other organizations and partners, as it works to support multiple medical facilities sin the country.


Inaugural Mixer - Medical Initiatives

On December 9, 2016, the  George & Angelina Owusu Foundation held its inaugural event. We brought together 40 the sharpest minds in Houstons medical, philanthropic and energy communities to share our vision for the Foundations future.
We had a robust discussion about the healthcare challenges currently facing Ghana in the areas of healthcare and development. And esteemed panel of physicians shared some of their own experiences working in the country and their hopes for collaborations that the foundation can spearhead.  We announced our plans for a Gala in the summer of 2017 and have enthusiastic support as we work to plan and shape that event.

We announced the addition of Dr. Kenneth Barning, of Baylor College of Medicine, to our Board of Directors. Dr. Barning is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Family and Community Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine and board-certified by the American Board of Family Medicine.  He also serves as the lead professor for medical student education at his clinical practice site within the Harris Health system.

We are very excited for the future of healthcare development in Ghana and we look forward to expanding the new relationships we formed that evening.  


George Owusu Honored In Texas for Entrepreneurial Excellence

The Ghanaian community in Houston, Texas marked their native countrys 58th independence anniversary with a grand banquet and celebrated the achievements of George Yaw Owusu, an international businessman and community leader. The president of the Ghanaian Association of Houston, Mrs. Christiana Asiamah, described Mr. Owusu as a generous and unpretentious visionary who is instrumental in various community initiatives and improving the lives of Ghanaians back home.

Mr. Owusu spent nearly three decades of his professional career as an environmental scientist and also actively seeking to attract foreign investment into Ghanas oil industry. Mr. Owusu and his E.O. Group played a key part in Ghanas oil discovery in 2007. The 60-kilometer offshore Jubilee Field located between the Deepwater Tano and West Cape Three Points blocks remains one of the largest offshore oil discoveries in West Africa to date and has become a major source of revenue for the West African nation of Ghana.
After the showing of a documentary about Mr. Owusus involvement in Ghanas Jubilee Field, the crowd gave him a standing ovation after which he accepted the award and shared his hope for Ghanas future, and his commitment to making a difference in the United States, Ghana and other parts of the world.
I am a product of Ghana, and of this community,he said. For everything I have been fortunate to achieve and help my country achieve, I am particularly hopeful that I can encourage others to do the same.
Over the past two decades, Mr. Owusus work has engaged leading international companies and business decision makers toward developments in Africa. Im humbled by this recognition by my fellow Ghanaians, he added.Im glad to be able to contribute the Ghana community in Houston, and I look forward to helping build Ghana.
Houston remains the pivotal hub for global oil and gas activities, and provides an opportunity for Ghana to continue its engagement with oil companies and oilfield service companies in the region.
Mr. Owusu is currently the principal at Mansa Capital, an international private equity firm. Together with his wife, Angelina, the couple also run the George and Angelina Owusu Foundation, a non-profit focused on various initiatives in education, healthcare and economic development in Ghana.

Source: Atlantic Business Review


Foundation donates USD $5,000 towards Educational Initiative

The George and Angelina Owusu Foundation donated $5,000 to the Progress in Education (PIE), a non-profit organization based in Charlotte, North Carolina and Houston, Texas.
As it had done in previous years, this is an effort from their commitment to helping activities that benefit Ghana students, providing computers and other educational resources.

About Progress in Education:
PIE was established to bring much needed financial and educational resources to beleaguered high schools in Ghana. Over the past fifteen-plus years, our mission has expanded to include the provision of scholarship grants to deserving high school students in the cities we operate and raise funds, as well as the promotion of cross-cultural understanding between high school students in the USA and Ghana.


Foundation contribute towards construction of medical facility

The George and Angelina Owusu Foundation has contributed 2 million dollars towards the construction of a $10 million state of the art medical facility at Akyawkrom in the Ejisu Juabeng Municipality of the Ashanti Region. 
The ultra-modern health facility is a collaboration between the George and Angelina Owusu Foundation and Sanford World Clinics. 

A statement copied to the Ghana News Agency on Friday by Vivienne Laryea, a Communications expert stated that Mr. George Owusu bemoaned the spate of inadequate medical facilities and personnel in the countrys hospitals at a sod cutting ceremony graced by some 500 people including personnel from the Ministry of Health and representatives of Sanford World Clinics and natives of Akyawkrom. 
A delegation of Chiefs headed by the Akyempimhene, Nana Adusei Poku, were also present. 
Mr Owusu said the current death rates caused by the Ebola outbreak is at the forefront of everyones mind as the virus was spreading like wildfire in some parts of West Africa due to inadequate health care, insufficient facilities and the lack of professionals. 
He was of the view that no one should suffer for want of adequate medical facilities and personnel. 
Touching on the construction of the health facility, Mr. Owusu who is also a former Country Director of Kosmos Energy indicated that the $10m health facility is intended to alleviate the suffering of the people in the area and beyond. 
In 2012, there was less than one doctor per 10, 000 people in Ghana, a situation he said the Foundation was passionate about improving. 
In an interaction with the media, the couple George and Angelina Owusu revealed their commitment to contributing $2m towards the project. 
So far about GH400,000 has been disbursed for the acquisition, compensation of farmers whose fields will be affected by the project and commencement of work on the 20 acre land site. The remaining $8m is expected to be sourced through fund raising. 
The concept of the hospital was conceived a year ago and will see its first phase focusing on the construction of a 2-storey clinic structure by 2015 to provide pre-natal, maternal and wound care. 
The 100 bed state of the art medical facility, which will be managed by Sanford Health, will handle major surgeries including prostate cancer. 
It will also support the training of medical doctors and other health professionals at KNUST in Kumasi as well as provide accommodation for medical professionals. 
The Country President of the Sanford World Clinics, Kojo Taylor said over 80 per cent of health facilities were located in urban centers, whilst majority of the population live in rural areas, with private sector providing services to over 50 per cent of health needs of the people. 
He also acknowledged the vibrancy and positive contribution of the private sector towards complementing the public healthcare sector. 
The Deputy Ashanti Regional Minister, Joseph Yamin lauded the initiative admitting that government cannot do it all. 
Kantinka Dr. Donkor Fordjour, first President of Africa Development Bank, who chaired the occasion, said that the current state of the cedi has the tendency of scaring potential investors away from investing in the country. 
He commended the couple for their devotion despite the unsteady nature of the foreign exchange rate in the country. 
He called on the health sector to rally behind the couple to complete the medical facility on scheduled.
Source: Ghana News Agency


Ghanaian Oil Project Developer Funds Health Care Projects

Earlier this year [2014], a documentary film called "Big Men" came out and told the inside story of a small Texas oil company, backed by New York investment banks, looking for oil in a deepwater zone off the coast of Ghana. The success of the project transformed that small nations energy industry.