The George & Angelina Owusu Foundation aims to improve access to the most effective treatment and to meet the basic healthcare needs of as many children and adults as possible. Our hope is that our brothers and sisters lives do not depend on their financial situation, but on opportunities through medical partnerships. We face a real challenge for affordable healthcare, or even the access to basic healthcare. Our work is to be part of the answer.

The Foundation is in the process of developing strategic relationships and partnerships to help accelerate the accomplishment of one such initiative. Through our partnership with Sanford, the Akyawkrom Medical Center will be the first of several medical initiatives in the country. Kumasi is home to Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital and the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science. The Technology Medical School is only about seven miles from the Akyawkrom Medical Center. These institutions have already expressed a strong interest in contributing resources to the project.

The George & Angelina Owusu Foundation is in the process of forging alliances with other health care organizations that are interested in elevating the level of care in Ghana.


Our Commitment to Realize our Vision

The George & Angelina Owusu Foundation is passionate about our 2 focus areas, - healthcare and primary education. We work in different regions in Ghana, and our philosophy is driven by the following key ideas.

  • Sustainable Programs: Our commitment is to measurable results that creates long term value.
  • Community’s Involvement: We collaborate with government institutions, local community leaders, and families as a viable long term strategy to make our community active participants in every opportunity. 
  • Adding Value: We are always seeking new opportunities to reach local populations with ideas that are actionable and practical.