From our work with educational non-profits to institutions in Ghana, the George & Angelina Owusu Foundation is committed to becoming a catalyst to bring needs and solutions together, bringing hope to school-aged children so they will grow into educated and productive citizens. As evidenced in our own lives, we believe this will, in turn, make a lasting and positive impact on the community.

We value education for its immense contributions to community progress, and for its ability to open the world to people irrespective of their social and economic background.
Our Foundation's mission is to empower under-resourced communities through the tools of technology, and basic educational resources. We do this by partnering with local community based organizations, corporations, foundations, and public agencies.


Our Commitment to Realize our Vision

The George & Angelina Owusu Foundation is passionate about our 2 focus areas, - healthcare and primary education. We work in different regions in Ghana, and our philosophy is driven by the following key ideas.

  • Sustainable Programs: Our commitment is to measurable results that creates long term value.
  • Community’s Involvement: We collaborate with government institutions, local community leaders, and families as a viable long term strategy to make our community active participants in every opportunity. 
  • Adding Value: We are always seeking new opportunities to reach local populations with ideas that are actionable and practical.